Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite DIYs

Here are my favorite DIYs this year!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite Wedding Desserts

My favorite cake and candy bar!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite things from Etsy

Here are a few of my favorite wedding items from etsy sellers this year.

Custom Wedding Table Decor Card
by ishoutnouns $2.50 each 

Ivory hair comb with pearls from LittleWhiteDresser $42

small bouquet made by Desicra $65
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Favorite Wedding Dresses

It's the last week of the year so it is time to go through my favorites this year!

Mon Cheri style 29260S

Mon Cheri style 110207

Mia Solano style M1030L

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Friday, December 24, 2010

DIY Friday: Holiday Glam

Painted Pine Cones
Tree branches, pine cones, ornaments and candles.

You can do so much with  these four things.
You can spray paint the tree branches and pine cones. Get ornaments that are the colors of your wedding. They can hang from the branches and be placed around the tables. You can also get glass vases and put the ornaments in those. The possibilities are endless. The best part is the tree branches and pine cones can be free (just go to your backyard or local park). Buy the ornaments after Christmas so you can get them at a discount price. 

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bouquets their own Style

Need some bouquet ideas? Check these out

I love how the flowers are all grouped around the bouquet.

that's right...a pine cone bouquet

I love the two different colors of ribbon on here

very contemporary!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 signs your turning into a Bridezilla Part 2

Most of us do not want to be Bridezilla, but with all the stress from wedding planning it is easy to fall into zilla land. Here are the top 5 signs that you are turning into a bridezilla... and tips to keep you from it.

5: You Have a Vision, and You're Sticking to It

You know what your wedding day is going to be like and there is no way that it is going to be any different.
It's great to have a vision and get your dream wedding but things do come up. Family members become ill, florists are late, and the weather will do whatever it wants.  Remember that you may have to be flexible leading up to and on the day of your wedding. Be open to unavoidable changes.

4: Nobody Is Taking Your Calls
No one answers your calls. The caterers, the florist, your mother, and your best friend. This is a probably a sign that you have been complaining, and over stressing everyone and now no one wants to talk with you or deal with you.  
The best thing you can do is avoid this by not yelling at your vendors, and not expecting too much from your family and friends. If you have done this apologize and move on with a new attitude.

3: You're Issuing Clothing Color Edicts

You are asking that no one who comes to your wedding wears a certain color. Sure we don't want our guests in white, and some don't want any guests in red (some believe it draws attention away from the bride) but you don't want your guests to fill like you are being a control freak. All you can do is hope that they don't wear those colors, and if they do no one else is going to notice. 

2: Your Registry Totals More Than Most College Educations

Oh the wedding registry. It can be so much fun registering all sorts of gifts for your and your fiancée and your new life together. In all the excitement you go through the store and register for all the high ticket items.
This can be a problem. If you have mostly high priced items or close to a thousand items you have gone over the top. It is a good rule of thumb to register for twice as many items as the number of guests you are inviting.  You also need to remember that your guests come from many different financial situations.  Be sure to have many gifts priced under $10 and around $30.  

1: Your Guest List Has 10 People on It

Many people will want to celebrate your big day with you, don't limit your guests to the people that you think will be the "perfect" guests. 
I think for most brides this isn't a huge problem. It is ok for you to not want a guest to bring a boyfriend/girlfriend. Some brides do not want children at their wedding. While this can cut the guest list a little, I personally  think that children add a great aspect to the celebration. What is a dance at a reception without a cute kid on the dance floor. 

I hope this has helped and you are able to go on with your wedding planning without being a Bridezilla.

click here to see the other 5 signs your becoming a Bridezilla

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ball gowns for your Bridesmaids

We've covered ball gown wedding dresses, now its time for some ball gown bridesmaid dresses.

Bill Levkoff style 555

Jordan style 936
I love the color of this one!

Impression Bridal style 1349

Davids Bridal style F81223 / 81227

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ball Gown Frenzy

These beautiful ballgown dresses are all under $1000.

Mia Solano style M1099Z

Galina- Davids Bridal style T3039 

Allure Bridal style 8350
a princess wedding dress

Sincerity Bridal style 3619

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Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Friday: Flower Box

A Lovely Box of Pink Roses with Satin Bow - Wrapped in Love

I love this flower box! This one is made out of roses, but you can make it with almost any flower. Carnations are inexpensive and look wonderful when there are a bunch of them together. 

DIY Tutorial on Gifting Roses Box or Making a Floral Centerpiece
Step 1: Line the base of the florists foam with foil or plastic (to prevent water leakage).
Step 2: Starting from the base, start inserting roses onto the foam.
Step 3: Line up the roses in straight lines and fill the top. You could use single color, double color, multicolor or color gradient flower lines.
Step 4: Firmly press the flowers all around the brick. Check for any loose insertions and adjust accordingly
I personally think it looks better without the ribbon. You can do this with any styrofoam shape. If you do a circle one of these, put a candle in the middle and it will make a great centerpiece.
Images and instructions from WanderingMist

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Style Right

Tonight I went and got a perm. I had one a year ago and it was time for another one. As the lady started styling my hair I could tell I did not like what she was doing. She was using a blow dryer and my hair was becoming big and pouffy, not at all how I style it nor how it looks good on me. Of course rather then saying anything I just sat there and let her continue styling my hair and I pretended that I thought it looked great. When I came home my husband said that my hair looked terrible and I needed to take it back.
I know that tomorrow evening I can wash my hair, style it my way and it will look great, but when it's your wedding day you do not have time to re-style your hair later. Don't sit silently when you are getting your hair and make up done. Make sure it is how you want it, and tell the stylist the truth. TLC has a newer show where a bride goes in before her wedding day and has two different looks done... two different hair styles and two different make up styles. This is a great way to know what you want your look to be on your wedding day! Some brides have a hair style set in their mind but if you do two different ones you may find that you like another one better.

So please take my advice ladies...have a trial run, try new things, and don't be silent.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 signs your turning into a Bridezilla

Most of us do not want to be Bridezilla, but with all the stress from wedding planning it is easy to fall into zilla land. Here are 10 signs that you are turning into a bridezilla... and tips to keep you from it.

10: You're Spending Your Parents into the Poorhouse

Your parents have said that they will help pay for the wedding, great! Now everything you can get everything you ever wished for on your wedding day....designer wedding dress, the best photographer in town, $100 centerpieces for all 30 tables, custom invitations from New York. The only problem is your parent's may have to get a second mortgage to pay for all of it. 
Stop: If this sounds like you, pause all the wedding planning and ask your parents how much they are willing to put towards your wedding. Once you have a set budget, figure out 3 things that is most important to you, and then build everything else into your budget from there.

9: You're Angry

Everyone is starting annoy you. Your fiancée can't do anything right, you are always getting mad at your bridesmaids.
Most likely the stress from the wedding planning is getting to you, and its not everyone else's fault. You might want to think about finding a wedding planner, or someone else to help you take on all the planning.

8: The Pictures Must Be Perfect

We all want great pictures on our wedding day, but that is no reason to get rid of people in your bridal party if they aren't going to look perfect in your pictures. You want the people who are most important to you to be in your pictures and it should matter if they are heavy, have bad acne, or are pregnant.

7: Your Bridesmaids Defriend You

Are your bridesmaids avoiding you? If it seems like your friends are no longer being your friends it's probably because you have demanded too much from them. Yes they are supposed to help you but they are not expected to be at every meeting, and help with ever wedding detail.

6: You Don't Have Time for Anyone (or Anything) Else

Is all your time filled with wedding planning? Do you think that everyone around you should put off everything for your wedding? If you answered yes to either of these then you may be becoming a bridezilla. There is more to life then wedding planning, so don't forget about other aspects of your life. Also don't forget to build foundations for your marriage... all the preparation and planning should not be just for your wedding day. 

Check back next Wednesday for the top 5 signs of being Bridezilla

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Red Wedding Cakes

Mmmm cakes. They are one thing from a wedding that you will keep for 10+ years and you want to make sure that you look and taste good. Be sure to do a tasting with your baker to decide if you like their cakes and what flavor(s) you want. Here are a few great red inspired wedding cakes.

Red ribbon and a beautiful red bouquet for a topper makes this cake great.

Fluffy Thoughts Cakes in McLean, VA
I just love the stand for the cake! If you are having a vineyard or a bar wedding defiantly consider doing this.

Intricate Icings Cake Design in Erie, CO
Don't forget about a monogram. You can get one custom made and put it everywhere!

Unique Cakes by Frances in Orlando, FL
Flowers between the layers is a classic wedding look. You can't go wrong.

The Makery Cake Company in Littleton, CO
The new topsy cakes. It's actually just made to look like it is going to fall... but it wont!
I love how the second layers main color is red. 

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mon Cheri, Got to love them all

Mon Cheri is a wonderful designer with so many great wedding dresses. It can be hard just choosing one dress from their collection as your favorite, but here are a few of mine.

Mon Cheri style 110208

Mon Cheri style 110207
Mon Cheri style 110204

Mon Cheri style 110220
And of course I had to add this one, my wedding dress
Mon Cheri style 19210

There are so many great Mon Cheri wedding dresses that I couldn't possibly put them all on here.
Be sure to check them out on the Mon Cheri or website.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

DIY Friday: Holiday Table Decor

There are so many great ideas in this picture.
I love the vases. Fill a clear vase with water, place berries in it, then a floating candle.
 You can get pine cones at a park or at your local craft store.
You can even spray paint the pine cones to make them match your color scheme. 

Branches of pine needles bring a wonderful smell and tons of color to your table.
Place the pine needles around the vases or make groups of them place colorful pine cones or candles on them. Even if you are not getting married, this is a great way to dress up your dinning room table for your holiday dinners. 

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Name Gift

A friend of mine recently posted a picture of a established family sign that she received as a gift from a friend. I absolutely loved it and wanted one for my home. I've decided that it is going to be my husbands Christmas present and possibly my friends wedding gifts in the future.
So if you are getting married or have a friend getting married, consider getting one or giving a family sign to them. If you are not sure which one they would like, make them a gift card describing the item and letting them know that when they get back from their honeymoon they can pick one out and you will pay for it.

The Courtier - Custom Personalized Family Name Wood Sign

I think this one is my favorite!
The Courtier - Custom Personalized Family Name Wood Sign
from FarmHouseWoodCraft 

Family Name Sign CUSTOM MADE Personalized Wedding Gift
Family Name Sign Custom Madefrom RomanticPlanet $32.95

from FarmHouseWoodCraft $28

7x20 Carved Personalized Family Name Sign Custom Made Just for you. Makes a great wedding or anniversary gift

I think the hardest part will be deciding what sign to get!

Images via Etsy sellers

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rustic Flower Girls

Guests love seeing cute flower girls walk down the aisle. These baskets will give a cute rustic look to your flower girl.

from FleurDetaillee $21

Rustic Twig Winter/ Christmas Wedding Flower Girl Basket
Rustic Twig Winter/ Christmas Wedding Flower Girl Basket
from AprilHilerDesigns $25

Personalized Flower Girl Basket Woodland Rustic Birch Bark Outdoor Fall WInter Roses CHIC
from braggingbags $39.99

Small Firefly Lantern/ Flower Girl Basket Alternative
from AprilHilerDesigns $30

Images via Etsy sellers