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10 signs your turning into a Bridezilla Part 2

Most of us do not want to be Bridezilla, but with all the stress from wedding planning it is easy to fall into zilla land. Here are the top 5 signs that you are turning into a bridezilla... and tips to keep you from it.

5: You Have a Vision, and You're Sticking to It

You know what your wedding day is going to be like and there is no way that it is going to be any different.
It's great to have a vision and get your dream wedding but things do come up. Family members become ill, florists are late, and the weather will do whatever it wants.  Remember that you may have to be flexible leading up to and on the day of your wedding. Be open to unavoidable changes.

4: Nobody Is Taking Your Calls
No one answers your calls. The caterers, the florist, your mother, and your best friend. This is a probably a sign that you have been complaining, and over stressing everyone and now no one wants to talk with you or deal with you.  
The best thing you can do is avoid this by not yelling at your vendors, and not expecting too much from your family and friends. If you have done this apologize and move on with a new attitude.

3: You're Issuing Clothing Color Edicts

You are asking that no one who comes to your wedding wears a certain color. Sure we don't want our guests in white, and some don't want any guests in red (some believe it draws attention away from the bride) but you don't want your guests to fill like you are being a control freak. All you can do is hope that they don't wear those colors, and if they do no one else is going to notice. 

2: Your Registry Totals More Than Most College Educations

Oh the wedding registry. It can be so much fun registering all sorts of gifts for your and your fiancĂ©e and your new life together. In all the excitement you go through the store and register for all the high ticket items.
This can be a problem. If you have mostly high priced items or close to a thousand items you have gone over the top. It is a good rule of thumb to register for twice as many items as the number of guests you are inviting.  You also need to remember that your guests come from many different financial situations.  Be sure to have many gifts priced under $10 and around $30.  

1: Your Guest List Has 10 People on It

Many people will want to celebrate your big day with you, don't limit your guests to the people that you think will be the "perfect" guests. 
I think for most brides this isn't a huge problem. It is ok for you to not want a guest to bring a boyfriend/girlfriend. Some brides do not want children at their wedding. While this can cut the guest list a little, I personally  think that children add a great aspect to the celebration. What is a dance at a reception without a cute kid on the dance floor. 

I hope this has helped and you are able to go on with your wedding planning without being a Bridezilla.

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