Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bridal Show cakes

Here are some of the wonderful cakes I saw at the Wichita Bridal Show a couple weeks ago.

I loved the stand in the middle of this cake. Three wine glasses.
I love the petals on this cake! There are some wedding dresses out there with petals like this, this would be a perfect cake for a bride with those dresses.

"Diamond" jewels in the middle of the flowers, with a "diamond" string around each tier.

 Check out this grooms cake! A grill for your cool!

This is a fake 3 tiered cake with truffle candies on them.
This may be the next big thing after cupcakes. One vendor had pink champagne truffle candies.
With so many different flavors you can really have fun with these.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saving on a wedding ring

Sorry for the absence from blogging. I feel like life has gotten so busy the past few weeks, I'm glad I'm not having to plan a wedding right now.
My new focus in life has been saving money. I found this article from a guest blogger on Hip2Save, I hope you enjoy these tips for saving money on a wedding ring.

I’ve received a number of emails from male readers who are planning to propose to their girlfriends soon (maybe even on Valentine’s Day) and are looking for some tips/advice to snag an affordable engagement ring. Since I am by no means an expert on ring shopping, I asked Amy from Belles on a Budget to write up a post focused on tips for engagement ring shopping on a budget. Thanks to Amy, here are 8 tips to help you snag a “Hip” ring without breaking the bank….

* Get informed

Make sure to know the Four Cs (cut, carat, clarity, and color) of diamond shopping… and what is most important to your fiance-to-be, whether it is something that sparkles, a specific cut, or certain type of stone. This will help you know which aspect to prioritize when you are selecting a ring within your budget. Look online for hundreds of articles that explain the Four Cs and the rating scale associated with each aspect.

* Shop around

Although shopping for a ring is an exciting, emotional decision, make sure not to jump into anything! Shop and compare prices and rings at brick and mortar stores and online to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Don’t be afraid to take notes! As with any big purchase, this is not an impulse buy. Write down the cut/color/clarity/carat combinations you see, and their prices, which will make it easier to compare later after you’ve visited multiple stores. And if you receive pressure at jewelry stores- stand your ground and don’t purchase anything until you’ve done your research. You can always go back to that first ring you saw if you still think it is “the one” after you’ve done some price comparisons.

* Be Trendy

Non-traditional wedding rings are huge right now! Many brides are opting for sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or other gemstones rather than a diamond ring. These options can sparkle and make a statement just as much as a diamond, and most importantly- symbolize your love and commitment in the same way a traditional engagement ring does. And these gemstones can be a huge money saver!

* Use the family jewels

Think about using a family heirloom or vintage jewelry of your grandmother’s/mother’s/aunt’s that has been sitting around the house as an engagement ring. You can modernize a diamond or gemstone necklace or ring by having it placed in a setting your fiance-to-be will love. It will be much cheaper than buying a new ring and it will have that special added sentimental value of family history.

* Shop online

There are several very legitimate online stores that sell jewelry like Blue Nile or The key to buying at one of these retailers is to know the cut, clarity, color and carats you are looking for and compare them across the stores. And my husband’s tip: even if you plan to buy the ring online, go into brick and mortar stores to be able to actually see similar rings in person. That way you will know what a certain cut looks like or how specific clarity and color combinations sparkle in person, before you buy online.

* Check out sample sales

I have been surprised to see fine jewelry featured on many reputable sample sites like Rue La La, Modnique, and Swirl. These sites offer huge discounts on rings and would be an excellent way to score a good price on an engagement ring, especially a gemstone ring. As with any purchase, though, make sure to consider the Four Cs of the ring (which should be included for any diamond purchase) and your previous research before you buy.

* Communicate with the jewelers

Many shops, especially small businesses, can work with your budget or will help you design the perfect (and completely unique) ring. Don’t hesitate to discuss your budget and your expectations at jewelry stores and see what they can do for you.

* And after you find that perfect ring for your loved one…get insurance!

Although it doesn’t sound particularly romantic, it’s important to get insurance very soon after you make this big purchase. For a few dollars a month, you and your fiance can have the peace of mind of knowing that this big purchase is protected.

Thanks so much to Amy over at Belles on a Budget!
Thanks hip2save

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calla Lily Fever

Muscari and mini calla lilies

Swaltzwalder calla lilies and mini burgundy cymbidium orchids

cymbidium orchids, mini cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, jade roses

water, cobra and calla lilies

Images via

Wedding Freebies

Check out these two great deals for Brides!

Do you have a wedding date set? If so, you can head on over here to score a FREE one-year subscription to Bridal Guide Magazine! Once you sign up, it will take 4-6 weeks to receive your first copy.
And one more deal for all you brides to be, create a new gift registry at with a future wedding event date, add $2,500 worth of merchandise and you’ll receive a FREE $25 dining eGift card. Offer must be completed by 1/31/11. eGift card will arrive via email during the month of February and can be redeemed for the restaurant gift card of your choice at

(thanks savingchick)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something new for bridesmaids

Thinking about today's post and being in the new year I really wanted something that didn't seem like the last ten years. So here are some bridesmaids dresses that show off a whole new style to jump start your 2011 wedding.

 BCBG Max Azria
Im starting to love dresses with prints on them like this. They look great with a solid color bouquet.

Here is an example of a wedding photographed by Laura Wills photography

Raylia Designs style 8022
Different fabrics

Bari Jay style 122
a new take on the one shoulder dress

Mia Solano style MB1012 and Courture Collection by Bill Pesce style 1005
Long and short!

Images via and Laura Wills Photography 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wedding Invitations

Winter Tree Pocketfold Wedding Invitation - Deposit to get started
Winter Tree Pocketfold Wedding Invitation 

SAMPLE Winter Forest Wedding Invitation
Winter Forest wedding inviation

bare branches monogramed wedding invitation. sample set.
Bare Branches monogrammed wedding invitation

Rayann -Winter Tree-  Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations
Rayann Winter Tree pocket fold wedding invitation

Snowflake winter wedding invitation

Images via Etsy sellers

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wedding

Some great ideas for winter weddings

 snowflakes! These can go everywhere

 get inspiration from outside. 
whites and light colors work great

 a snow flake wishing tree

your winter jacket!
i love this ring pillow!

images via

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Trends

Here are some wedding dress trends to look for in 2011.

supersize flowers

 corset bodices

lots of dimension



sequins... yup!

Thanks Brides Magazine

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I had a wonderful time at the Wichita Bridal Show today. They had so many amazing displays and I can't wait to share them with you in the coming weeks!

Have a great weekend.

Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY Friday: Paper Candle Holders

I love these candle holders. You can use the prints provided by MarthaStewartWeddings or you can find some of your own. These would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner or a wedding brunch!
Print clip art onto standard-weight 11-by-17-inch paper (if your printer does not handle this size, copy the clip art onto a disc or thumb drive, and take it to a copy shop or office-supply store with a printing department).
Then, cut the templates to fit various heights of square candle holders or vases (to shorten the wrapper, cut away excess from bottom by the stem). Wrap around candle holders, and secure with double-sided tape.
To finish the bottoms, wrap green grosgrain ribbon around the candle holder, and secure with double- sided tape.
Rose Centerpiece PDF
Tulip Centerpiece PDF
Ranunculus Centerpiece PDF

Image and text via MarthaStewartWeddings

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Tribute

I love unique ideas for a wedding, and when I saw this one I just had to share it. The couple had their parents and grandparent's wedding photo's on the table but to the side of the table they had their mother's dresses on display. Love it!

What other ideas have you seen?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Wedding Advice

I found this great article on about New Years Eve weddings and wanted to share it with you.
_ _ _ _ 
A New Year's Eve wedding can have a lot of advantages and a few obstacles that you need to be aware of during the planning process. The following are a list of things you may want to keep in mind:
1) People are more likely to be able to attend since it's traditionally a time when people are off of work and have already traveled in for Christmas. You also have the added benefit of a possible theme, if you want to go in that direction.
2) As with any wedding, I suggest people prepare ahead of time as much as possible. This will save you money and hassle. With New Year's Eve, there are a few special circumstances you will need to consider. Possible wedding and reception locations may be booked for the normal New Year's Eve parties. It may also be a little harder to find catering, a sound engineer or DJ, a photographer, and a general wedding planner/coordinator.
3) If you have specific friends in mind for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, it may be a good idea to run the idea past them. They may be planning to be out-of-town, and you may unfortunately have to find replacements or change the day.
4) If you go with the New Year's day theme, there are a lot of specific New Year's Eve decorations you can use. I've found these are best bought in bulk online through companies such as Oriental Trader or similar websites.
5) Have some ground rules if you're serving alcohol. You do not want any rare guest thinking that because it's a New Year's Eve themed wedding that they have the right to get plastered. Have certain people in charge of making sure no one is driving home unsafe. Caution needs to be used driving on New Year's Eve anyway-even if you're not serving alcohol. There's a greater chance of people being out that have been drinking, so keep that in mind as far as your choices of locations to have the wedding and reception. I don't say this to discourage you, but just to let you know you should keep this factor in mind.
you can find the article here

Monday, January 3, 2011

Silver for the New Year

Silver is a popular color for New Years Eve weddings and for January. Here are a some great silver wedding dresses all under $1500

Mon Cheri style 29265

Maggie Sottero style rosalyn

Demetrios-Ultra Sophisticates style 1366

Maggie Sottero style Josie

Images via

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Check back Monday for some beautiful wedding dresses to kick off 2011!