Thursday, December 16, 2010

Style Right

Tonight I went and got a perm. I had one a year ago and it was time for another one. As the lady started styling my hair I could tell I did not like what she was doing. She was using a blow dryer and my hair was becoming big and pouffy, not at all how I style it nor how it looks good on me. Of course rather then saying anything I just sat there and let her continue styling my hair and I pretended that I thought it looked great. When I came home my husband said that my hair looked terrible and I needed to take it back.
I know that tomorrow evening I can wash my hair, style it my way and it will look great, but when it's your wedding day you do not have time to re-style your hair later. Don't sit silently when you are getting your hair and make up done. Make sure it is how you want it, and tell the stylist the truth. TLC has a newer show where a bride goes in before her wedding day and has two different looks done... two different hair styles and two different make up styles. This is a great way to know what you want your look to be on your wedding day! Some brides have a hair style set in their mind but if you do two different ones you may find that you like another one better.

So please take my advice ladies...have a trial run, try new things, and don't be silent.

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