Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Friday: Flower Box

A Lovely Box of Pink Roses with Satin Bow - Wrapped in Love

I love this flower box! This one is made out of roses, but you can make it with almost any flower. Carnations are inexpensive and look wonderful when there are a bunch of them together. 

DIY Tutorial on Gifting Roses Box or Making a Floral Centerpiece
Step 1: Line the base of the florists foam with foil or plastic (to prevent water leakage).
Step 2: Starting from the base, start inserting roses onto the foam.
Step 3: Line up the roses in straight lines and fill the top. You could use single color, double color, multicolor or color gradient flower lines.
Step 4: Firmly press the flowers all around the brick. Check for any loose insertions and adjust accordingly
I personally think it looks better without the ribbon. You can do this with any styrofoam shape. If you do a circle one of these, put a candle in the middle and it will make a great centerpiece.
Images and instructions from WanderingMist

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