Friday, August 27, 2010

DIY Friday: Picture Frame Photobooths

I love Photobooths! They are a great way to add fun and uniqueness to your wedding reception but to rent one can cost $800 for just two hours. Having fun should not break the bank, and thankfully there are ways to have a photobooth without paying so much.
A couple weeks ago I saw a wedding where the bride and groom made their own photobooth. I was amazed at how creative they were!

They took a big piece of plywood and cut holes for the picture frames. They put wall paper over the plywood to make it look pretty. They placed empty picture frames on the edges of the holes they cut. Guests could then go behind the photobooth and put their heads in the empty frames for their picture. They also hung picture frames with their pictures and old wedding photos from their parents on the plywood. They made a mount for the plywood and hung fabric at the bottom so the mount didn't show.

To the side of the photobooth they had a stand with a sign on it. It said
Photo Booth
 "Strike a Pose"
Thank you for sharing our special day
and giving us memories to last a lifetime.
They had two disposable cameras hanging from the stand that the guests could use to take pictures at the photobooth.

I hope this idea helps you add some fun to your wedding reception!

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  1. That is such a cool idea! I never even thought of that as a photobooth, but come on, really? Who doesn't love those props at like, tourist spots, so why not incorporate it into a wedding?