Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Twist Wrap Dress

Every bridesmaid hopes for a cute dress, something that will flatter her figure, and if she is really lucky a dress that she can wear again. For most women the last thing usually never happens. Bridesmaid usually spend over $100 on a dress only to wear it once. These days some designers have created dresses to fix that, one of them being Dessy Creations. Dessy sells the Twist Wrap Dress. I love this dress because its cute, it can look flattering on many different figures, and if the bridesmaid likes the color she can defiantly wear it again! On their website they have several different ways you can wear the dress, but Ive seen other sights list more. 

The twist wrap dress from Dessy comes in short and long lengths. Dessy's website prices them at $190 and $236.25 for full length. I found Toast Bridal sells the short length for $145 and the full length for $165.

Image via Dessy

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  1. Wow! You can do all that with one dress? I'm impressed!