Friday, August 20, 2010

DIY Friday: Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Today's DIY project comes from Martha Stewart's weddings. Usually I do not like Martha Stewart projects because they take me way too long to do or when I finish them they look nothing like hers, but the other day when I was on her website I found a series of tissue paper wedding projects that I thought would be pretty easy and a money saver for brides. 

So here it is, our first DIY Friday: Tissue Paper Pom Poms, semi revised

Supplies: Tissue paper, scissor, and 24-gauge white cloth-covered floral wire (I used 16-gauge green floral wire... its all I had)

1. Stack eight 19 3/4 in x 26 1/4 in sheets of tissue paper (Martha used 20 by 30 in)
    Make 1 1/2 inch wide accordion folds, creasing each fold.
2. Fold an 18 in piece of floral wire in half, and put over the center of the folded tissue, then twist the wire.
3. With scissors, trim the ends of the tissue into rounded or pointy shapes.
    (I found it a lot easier to do the pointy shapes)
4. Separate the layers by pulling the tissue paper away from the center one at time.
5. Tie your desired hanging material to the wire for hanging.

Note:  I found that only 8 sheets of tissue paper did not make a very full looking pom pom. The image above is with 16 sheets of tissue paper. You can put 16 sheets of tissue together and do these steps or when you get to step 4 separate the tissue all to one direction making half of a ball, then get another 8 sheets and repeat all the steps and put the two halves together.
1st Image via 
Martha Stewart Weddings

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