Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Veils for Less

Brides spend hundreds of dollars at a store for a veil to go with their wedding dress. Do you really need to spend that much for a little bit of tulle? The answer is no! I know some brides who have made their own veil, but if that doesn’t sound like something you want to do then consider buying your veil on Ebay. 

my veil from veilbylesliev

There are many sellers who make all types of veils. I ordered a white cathedral length veil from veilbylesliev and it was perfect. You can get veils with lace, ribbon on the edge, little crystals and in all the lengths you could want.  When you are at the bridal store figure out what length and style of veil you want then look online before buying an expensive veil.  

Note: I would recommend not getting a veil from ValuVeil.  I ordered an elbow length veil from this seller and when it arrived I was very disappointed in what I received. The veil was velcroed on to the comb. Not what you want to be wearing down the aisle. 

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  1. Beautiful veil!
    You can find everything on Ebay these days... :)