Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Accessorize with the Bridal Sash

Bridal sashes add beauty to any gown. Check out these bridal sashes from

Satin Bridal Sash in your choice of colors
by BCGirls $79.95

Sparkling Mood -Bridal or special occasion sash
by daniel12 $33

Organza Flower Bridal Sash - black, white, ivory, bridal corsage, ribbon belt

PETITE JOSIE - Vintage Ivory on Ivory Bridal or Bridesmaids Sash
Images via Etsy sellers


  1. The organza flowers on the "heknowsmyname" dress is exquisite! I wish I knew how to make them. They would be cute on a purse, on some shoes or as a headpiece. Too cute!

  2. Defiantly, there are so many talented people out there!