Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stress less: hotel rooms for out of town guests

Getting hotel rooms deals for out of town(OOT) guests can be such a big hassle. I remember getting tired of calling around to find good rates and passed the job on to my fiancĂ©. While he was calling around to hotels I discovered one of the most amazing websites! Hotel Planner saved me tons of time while trying to get rooms for my guests and its completely free.

Its quick and simple to fill out the information they need to find hotel rooms for you. Once the information has been filled out hotels will start sending bids. You can look through all the hotels and decide which one(s) work best for you. In the hotel details it will even say if you have to pay if a certain percentage of the rooms you reserve have to be filled, and if you have to put down money to reserve the rooms. Once you choose the hotel(s) you want, you just need to contact them and fill out a contract.

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  1. Thanks so much! I am in the middle of this process right now. In between wedding planning, job searching and house hunting calling hotels was at the very bottom of my list... :) Thanks again!