Thursday, September 23, 2010

Donate Your Dress, Make a Dream Come True

Many bridesmaids do not know what to do with their dress after the wedding. I asked one of my bridesmaids the other day if she has worn her dress since my wedding, and the answer was no. There is always the option of selling it, but what about donating the dress?

Donate My Dress is an organization that collects prom and special occasion dresses for girls who can not afford a prom, sweet 16, or quinceaƱera dress. There are locations all around the United States. On their website they have a list of drop off locations. If your state doesnt have a drop off location they also have a list of places that you can mail your dress to.

So why not make a teenage girls dream come true with a beautiful dress?

I think I am going to go home and pull out those formal dresses from college out of my closet
and send them in!

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  1. I like this! What a unique and special way to help others! :)