Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY Friday: Pumpkin Vases

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere. Pumpkins can make great vases for a October wedding. Here are a few DIY ideas to bring decor to your ceremony or reception.

I love this pumpkin vase! Take some sticks and spray paint them black.
Cut a small whole in the top of the pumpkin then stick the sticks in it.
You can leave it like that, hang a  table number from it, or hang escort cards from it.
Dont forget about those great white painted pumpkins at the bottom of the picture!

You could paint your monogram or wedding date one the pumpkins.
Then cut a small whole in the top to put flowers, or even sticks with crystals or fall leaves hanging off of them.

This pumpkin vase uses wire that is twisted then put in the bottom. Then cut a whole in the top and put in your favorite flowers. I think white spider mums would look great in this!

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